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If you’re lucky sufficient to unique items of highly- cost jewellery, it is vital that these valuable jewellery pieces are properly covered by a professional high value home jewellery insurance policy, as their value will probably be far more than the absolute maximum insured limits given by an average house contents insurance jewellery  plan.

Covering your main thing of jewellery can be challenging. The majority of regular house contents insurance plans are only ideal for moderate amounts of jewellery, where the maximum covered value is fairly low. The single item limit, on these kinds of jewellery insurance plans could be as low as £750 for individual items of jewellery. Whereas an expert high value home jewellery insurance policy will offer you cover with no pre-set maximum sum insured or individual item limits.

Select a professional engagement ring of the Jewellery insurance

An expert high value home jewellery insurance policy provides the perfect option, for those who have recently acquired or inherited a very costly item of jewellery, for example a diamond ring or diamond necklace. This expert kind of insurance plan supply you with the best jewellery insurance cover at the most cheap price.

Jewellery insurance cover

A typical, high value home jewellery insurance policy will give you jewellery insurance cover on a world-wide “All Risks” basis. Along with contribution a better degree of jewellery insurance and ring insurance cover, this kind of expert policy will even cover all your personal ownership on a global basis. Many policies also permit a complete cash pay out, in the instance of complete loss or damage to your specific items of jewellery, with no policy excess being applied, whereas regular jewellery insurance policies will demand that all of the items are replaced using a like for like basis.

Extensive diamond ring jewellery insurance cover

When compared with a typical house contents policy, a high value home insurance policy will give you exceptional cover and protection for your costly items of jewellery and will include the following advantages:

Should you lose or damage an object that is one of a pair, for example an earring, jewellery insurance companies will pay to replace them both.

Jewellery Insurance companies won’t employ any wear and tear deductions to items of jewellery, they will simply pay the entire replacement value on a ‘like for like’ basis.

Jewellery insurance company

Should you choose not to immediately replace a costly item of jewellery, that has been lost, stolen or damaged, insurance companies will offer you the complete cash valuation as an alternative.

accordingly, determining on the foremost jewellery insurance or ring insurance plan supply you with the contentment, that in the event that disaster strikes, your important items of jewellery are going to be completely protected.

Denise Judge has over 18 years experience in insurance. She is the MD of an independent Insurance Brokers, based in Islington, North London. She has formerly worked as an underwriter, a claims counsellor, a property surveyor and a loss adjuster.

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