Renter’s insurance

If you rent an apartment or house, you might consider purchasing renter’s insurance.

Renter’s insurance provides coverage for damage or loss of personal property for people in rental housing. It’s to insure the renter’s belongings from theft or damage. In addition, renter’s insurance also supply accountability convey for people in rental housing if someone is injured while in the rental place. In this case, the renter is protect from lawsuits or liability for the difficulty cause by him/her.

Renter’s insurance can help you

Renter’s insurance can help you if one of the following things happens to you: your apartment catches on fire and your belongings are lost or damaged; you get stolen from a theft who breaks into your apartment; a friend of you injures himself while having a party in your apartment; an electrical power surge damages your television, stereo and computer. While renter’s insurance has a broad coverage, keep in mind that earthquake and damage caused by food are not covered in most renter’s insurance policy.

Renter’s insurance landlord insurance

Many renters think their landlord’s insurance will cover them. This is not true. In general, the landlord’s insurance only covers the building, but not the renter’s belongings and liability.

Renter’s insurance is not expensive. For example, a policy that costs around $300 a year (with a deductible of about $250) could cover between $20,000 and $30,000 worth of loss or damage, plus $500,000 to $1 million in personal liability.

To shop for renter’s insurance, you should try getting quotes from different insurance providers in order to find the best deal. You can check with your auto insurance company to see if they also sell renter’s insurance and whether the will give you a discount for buying two types of insurance from them.

Renter’s insurance is often overlooked by people renting an apartment or house, but it’s a renter’s good friend and it will give you the peace of mind.

What is renter’s insurance

A renter’s insurance policy bundle covers three categories, as follows:

This policy protects you from any personal property losses due to theft, fire or other unfortunate incidents. The fact is a lot of people do not realize how much “stuff” they have in an apartment until it’s too late. Look around space that you are renting and think of how much it will cost to replace all those things, from your laptop, phones, tv, gaming equipment, Xbox, DVD collection, artwork, furniture, clothes and jewelry

Additional Living Expenses Insurance for renter’s insurance

This policy covers some of your expenses, in case your unit is damaged or something happens and you need a temporary housing, while your unit is not available Expenses may include meals and hotel costs.  If you’re property is stolen or damaged, your landlord’s insurance does not extend to you. You are responsible for your property and that’s why you need personal property insurance. It should be noted that not all types of property are fully covered so make sure you understand that is covered and what is not. Some collections are not fully covered.

How much does renter’s insurance cost

Policies can run as low as $10 to $25 per month, depending on how big of a unit you are renting and how much you own. Renter’s insurance is truly affordable for everyone and worth it.


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