Vision insurance

Unfortunately, most people do not think of it as critical. It is bought separately from general health insurance policies and often thrown in with other types of insurance, most commonly dental insurance. moreover people are not always aware of how to care for their vision. As we age, our vision, like the rest of the body, demean.

How important is vision insurance?

However, to show how critical vision is, compare the following facts.

Even with the medical proceed, repair of full vision is nearly unbearable; so once lost, very little can done to restore vision to its previous strength. This is not true of most body parts including teeth

It is relatively cheap to insure vision, vs. dental or health insurance

Structure of the eye of the vision insurance

Let me break down your eye structure. Key functions of the eye are to receive light, focus on objects and transmit data to the brain. Here are the key parts of your eye.

Pupil, transmits light to the back of the eye

Lens, retina and macula work together to transmit not only light and contours but interpret it and communicate data to the brain

Over-exposure: wear sunglasses–not just to look cool, but avoid hits of sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Let me start with some good news–substantial number of Americans have vision insurance. Actually, according to a new study by National Association of Vision Care Plans, about 85 million Americans carry such insurance.

Insurance carrier. It is important to be with a vision insurance company that is a market leader in vision insurance. So who are the top vision insurance carriers in US?

Top five insurance companies providing vision insurance in the US are EyeMed, VSP, Davis, Optum and CIGNA.

What are you trying to cover of the vision insurance

As with any other part of your body or healthcare, there are three levels which you may want to cover with vision insurance.

general and preventive maintenance. These cover vision test, testing for age-related problems such as

diabetes related diseases like Retinopathy

enhanced lens coverage. Most vision insurance policies cover basic preventive routines such as eye exams etc. Most come with an annual maximum. But aside from the money, your vision insurance provider should offer the following broad categories of protection and support.

Products, Services: these include eye exams, surgery, age-related procedures and discounts on frames and lenses

In summary, there is a lot you as a senior can do for your eyes–and be smart about the policy you buy as vision insurance.

Reimbursement policy of the vision insurance

Does the insurance company make you pay first and get reimbursement on your own, or will then bill insurance directly? You are in no position to understand what is covered and what is not. It should be the doctor’s office. Many optical physicians take the easy route and let you fight it out with the insurance company. Go with the insurance company that has doctors who accept insurance and bill insurance directly.


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